Artificial Nutrition and Hydration at the Terminal Stage of Dementia from an Islamic Perspective”, in: Mohammed Ghaly (ed.): Studies in Islamic Ethics, vol. 4, 2022, 330-350.

Religious assessments of novel medical procedures are complex and end-of-life nutrition in the context of dementia is a contested topic from both a clinical and an Islamic perspective. The terminal stage of dementia in particular is characterised by difficulties in swallowing, malnutrition, and loss of appetite which usually lead to weight loss and dehydration. Consequently, this chapter aims to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of artificial nutrition and hydration (ANH) in consideration to Islamic law. It considers whether the latter perspective permits artificial nutrition and hydration in the terminal phase of dementia. Finally, this chapter aims to contribute to the Islamic discussion on end-of-life care while emphasising the need to consider all cases in their individual contexts and advising that the view presented here does not represent the entire spectrum of Islamic sects.